Knowing the risks of removable partial dentures

When seeking the facilities of partial dentures in Windsor, the priority goes to the benefits of the same. After considering the potential perks of employing partial dentures, you look at their pain points and then the general procedure.

It is only natural for everything to have two sides to it, good and bad. Know the risks of removable partial dentures before you avail of them.

Plaque formation

Removable dentures hold many possibilities of plaque formation in people following poor oral hygiene. In addition to developing plaque-related troubles, the dentures themselves suffer degradation.

Gum trauma

partial dentures in Windsor

As dire as it sounds, it is possible for impartially designed partials to directly impact the gum negatively. Abrasion of the teeth is also an associated result of improperly placed clamps or incorrect positioning.


It is not merely the removable partials, but any denture that rests on the gum causes a build-up of pressure in them. Over time, the underlying jaw bone gets affected, causing painful resorption that will require additional care.

Denture stomatitis

When plaque finds its way under the removable partials, it thrives on bacterial presence rotting the gums from within. This situation overtime leads to painful inflammation of the gums.

Worsening tooth mobility

Faulty designed partials cause more damage to the remaining natural teeth instead of supporting them. The biting actions put unwanted force on the teeth in angles they cannot withstand. Eventually, the natural teeth experience shifting or denting, causing additional oral troubles. Further, with the dentures placed wrong, resorption gets aggravated, leading to internal gum diseases and intolerable pain.

Summing up

In the end, there are just as many benefits as there are risks of using removable partial dentures. You need to carefully weigh the pros and cons based on your dental needs. Ensure to maintain proper dental hygiene if you decide to opt for removable partials when waiting for a permanent dental solution.

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